"Uniquely Blended Oral Electrolyte"

A potent and unique combination of electrolytes to be used as a pre- and post-event aid in the presence of dehydration. Now with Util-Eze™- a unique process designed to allow for stability and absorption.

The Inside Scoop...
Electrolyte losses precipitate through sweat loses occuring from stress, heat exposure and excessive exercise as a means of regulating the body's temperature. Glutamic Acid is important in the metabolism of sugars and fats, and aids in the transportation of potassium into the spinal fluid. Sodium and Chloride are electrolytes that contribute to the maintenance of concentration and charge differences across cell membranes. Magnesium is critical for energy production and proper nerve function, it also promotes muscle relaxation and helps the body produce and utilize insulin.

Directions for Use:
30 ml 3 hours prior to event and 30 ml following the event or as needed.


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