Prime Performance Nutrition was formed in 2004 by combining the experiences of several individuals. These individuals have diverse backgrounds in many facets of the equine industry including nutrition, training, marketing, sales and business. As a member of the National Animal Supplement Council, we are concerned and committed to the manufacturing of animal health supplements across the globe.

The equine industry is constantly changing through new discoveries in nutrition and physiology and the through the utilization of feeds from all over the world. Prime Performance Nutrition's goal is to provide cutting edge nutrition based on the industry's changing needs.

As our name states, we are concerned with providing your animals with the optimum nutrition so they can reach their maximum potential. We address the needs of all horses and do not cater toward a certain breed or discipline. Our products are used for racehorses to pleasure horses and every discipline in between. We also address varying nutritional requirements based on regional feed and soil quality.

Prime Performance Nutrition is very familiar with the needs of the domestic market; therefore, we provide competitively priced high quality products. We have access to many professionals in various fields who provide numerous resources. Our team has many years of experience not only in the equine industry but also in production, sales, marketing and nutrition.

In addition to all of our experience in the equine industry, we have experience exporting to international clients and have the ability to provide the necessary documentation per region. We also have experience with sourcing reliable freight forwarding, translation of labels, adaptation of promotional materials for each region and numerous contacts that allow company recognition throughout the world.

Prime Performance Nutrition uses a research-based formulation with ingredient safety as a key factor, where ingredient combination allowances are maximized but are not exceeding nominal requirements. Raw materials used in the formulation process are independently certified and assayed for quality and purity. This information is available on each label as Guaranteed Analysis stated on a per serving basis.

Prime Performance Nutrition also strives to provide the best in education-based customer service. This includes access to product information through a comprehensive website, a toll free tech-support phone number, international phone numbers, a network of local representatives in various regions throughout the world, customer meetings, trade show presentations, marketing program packages and an extensive event sponsorship program.

Prime Performance South Africa Distributors
Gauteng Province

Elena Bosman / Nicole Smith

Horse and Country / Benoni
Contact Sara or Linda at 082 882 4618;

Megan Uren

Michelle Dawson - Silver Tree Stables

Ilse Hugo

Cape Town

Cliffie Miller

Lara Bechet

Hendrik Winterbach Stud

Kwazulu Natal

Nicky Brain
Cell 072 085 0435

Natal Saddlery


Neels Coetzee

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